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🌴Program Placement Form🌴

Tikiland Daycare & Preschool Palo Alto

🌟Program Placement Form🌟


🌴 Are you ready to take the 1st step in the Financial Process for securing a spot at Tikiland? 🏫👶🌴

1. Click on the tab above to explore our Program Placement Form process. 📜🧭

2. After reading, select the appropriate Program Placement form below. 📝✅

3. Complete the Program Placement Form & be done with the 1st Step of the Financial Process for securing a spot at Tikiland 🗓️📆

See Form Below

🌟Program Placement Forms🌟

Now that you know the Program Placement Form process!! 😊 Click on the tabs at the top right of this area to fill out the correct Program Placement form:

👶🍼 Infant/Toddler Tour Form: Designed for children aged 23 months and younger (23mo-). 

🏫🎨 Preschool Program Tour Form: Tailored for children aged 2 years and up.

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