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Our Staff

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Maria Pilar "Pily" Hernandez 
(Executive Care Provider)

Pily is the head and primary care provider for Tiki-Land. She was a teacher for over 15 years at the american school in Puebla Mexico. After moving to the states she turned to being a Sunday school teacher and a nanny before living her dream of running her own daycare for over 6 years! After a short hiatus she is back and more energetic than ever!  Her ability to connect with children is unmatched, a true kid at heart. She has never met a child she hasn't been able to get through to. Look forward to her positive influence on all hearts that come thorugh Tiki-Land. 


A master craftsman, Marielle has been working day in and day out to make Tiki-Land all that it is. Odds are if you are looking at it, he made it happen. Look forward to seeing more of his handy work as we progress through the year and he continues to add and improve more to the facility. 

Young but wise, with a dont quit till the jobs done attitude; Marielle is the head of administration for Tiki-Land. She has been the driving force behind the technical and informative aspects of Tiki-Land. You can rest assured that your information and documents are in safe hands with her. Look forward to conversations with her making sure that your childs information is up to date and keeping you informed on policies and news of Tiki-Land.

(Administration / Maintenance / Webmasters)
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