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Here is just a quick view of some of the key points that we emphasize in our curriculum here at TikiLand.
Click on either program to view a more detailed example of what we cover in a day at TikiLand!


(AGES 2 - 5 YEARS)

Goals & Objectives


Social and Emotional Development

·         Child will develop strong listening and verbal skills

·         Expressing thoughts and feelings

·         Building self-confidence and independence

·         Prosocial behavior

·         Discipline and self-control

Physical Development

·         Gross motor and fine motor skills

Locomotor skills, eye-hand coordination, balance

Cognitive Development

·         Learning and problem-solving skills

·         Logical thinking

·         Symbolic thinking

Kindergarten and School Readiness

·         Reading and writing skills

·         Fine motor skills through arts and crafts and puzzles

·         Science, Technology and Nature

·         Develop an awareness and appreciation of nature



Goals & Objectives


Motor & Cognitive Skills

·         Develops listening skills

·         Finds hidden objects

·         Play simple games, like peek-a-boo

·         Learns to play with and activate toys


·         Recognizes names and words

·         Can repeat simple sounds and words

·         Developing Tone sensitivity

Social/Emotional Development

·         Communicative and expressive

·         Plays and bonds with others


·         Learns to self-feed & drink from a cup

·         Can sit up/stand up without help


Once a month we host a daycare social where we invite the parents to come with their kids and just enjoy hanging with like-minded parents while their kids run around enjoying the yard that they love so much. 
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