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Here is just a quick view of some of the key points that we emphasize in our curriculum here at TikiLand.
Click on either program to view a more detailed example of what we cover in a day at TikiLand!

(AGES 2 - 5 YEARS)

Goals & Objectives


Social and Emotional Development

·         Child will develop strong listening and verbal skills

·         Expressing thoughts and feelings

·         Building self-confidence and independence

·         Prosocial behavior

·         Discipline and self-control

Physical Development

·         Gross motor and fine motor skills

Locomotor skills, eye-hand coordination, balance

Cognitive Development

·         Learning and problem solving skills

·         Logical thinking

·         Symbolic thinking

Kindergarten and School Readiness

·         Reading and writing skills

·         Fine motor skills through arts and crafts and puzzles

·         Science, Technology and Nature

·         Develop an awareness and appreciation of nature

Tikiland Infant Program.jpg


(AGES 2 - 23 MONTHS)

Goals & Objectives


Motor & Cognitive Skills

·         Develops listening skills

·         Finds hidden objects

·         Play simple games, like pee-a-boo

·         Learns to play with and activate toys


·         Recognizes names and words

·         Can repeat simple sounds and words

·         Developing Tone sensitivity

Social/Emotional Development

·         Communicative and expressive

·         Plays and bonds with others


·         Learns to self-feed & drink from a cup

·         Can sit up/stand up without help



 As a forerunner for daycares we are proud to be the only daycare in the area to offer Saturday Care!

Starting January 9th, 2016  you will be able to sign up for regular or occassional care on Saturdays 9:00am - 3:00PM.

Please inquire for rates and additinal details.


* Times subject to change based on demand.


A few times a month we like to provide the opportunity for parents to do what parents like to do so bring your kids over to Kids night out at Tiki-Land where they will enjoy a spacious and exciting area to play along with games and activities to keep them entertained for hours while you treat yourself to a night of fun. But the fun dosnt stop there. We also offer ON-DEMAND Kids-night-outs! if you and 5+ of your friends just need to get away for the night, give us 24-48 hours notice and we will be more than happy to care for your kids!


Visit the "News & Events" Page to see when the next one is and reserve a spot!


Visit out "Events hosting" page to request your own! 


Cant get enough of TikiLand? Not to worry because we offer reservations for private parties outside of regular hours of operation. Chose between having the entire party hosted by us with decorations and activities for the little ones or simply reserve a time and come enjoy the mystique of TikiLand. With a large yard and comfortable seating and Tiki themed bar for the adults with a clear view of the entire yard you can be sure that everyone will have a wonderful time. 

Bimonthly we host a daycare social where we invite the parents to come with their kids and just enjoy hanging with likeminded parents while their kids run around enjoying the yard that they love so much. 
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