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Pily Hernandez

If anyone has a stronger education in background it is Pily. Not only does Pily have 25 years of experience as a elementary school teacher, but she has over 15 years of experience working at our local church teaching Sunday school to kindergardeners, and years of volunteer service with local girl scout groups. She has been a bilingual educator for over 10 years.

At Tikiland, Pily is in charge of running the infant program as well as administering the preschool education program as well. 

If anyone can incorporate singing, writing, reading, talking and playing in two languages it's Pily. She is a mother of 5 wonderful daughters and grandmother to 6 children.


Very strong background in psychology and childhood education. Just look at the board in the classroom to see all of her certificates. 

Marielle Macuil Hernandez

5 years of experience helping to run and teach at Tikiland (which is almost 5 years old). When she is not in charge of administration and maintenance, she is working with the children.


Marielle has been in charge of physical education, artwork, gardening, and one on one reading, writing and comprehension with the children since day one.


Strong background in economics, psychology, sociology, business law and 10 years of experience tutoring (Spanish, English, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry). 

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