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Matters of Money 

If payment is not made within 5 days of drop off, your child will not be
accepted into care until payment, including all late fees, is made. If a period
of 1 week passes without payment received, the contract will be terminated,
the position filled, and the collection process will begin.

You will be responsible for any costs related to collection of the childcare fees.
These costs will include late fees, day(s) of loss wages, cost fees and childcare
fees. All payments are to be made through Paypal and a receipt will be given
upon request. Childcare fees are due regardless of whether or not your child
. You are paying for a position, as well as a service. No refunds are given for late arrivals or early departures. All childcare services will be contracted.


The contract is a legal document obligating me to provide a service for you and obligating you to pay me for that service. There are other requirements in the contract. I urge you to thoroughly read the contract/handbook and realize
that it is legal and you will be held liable for each item of the contract. By
signing it, you are accepting it in all it’s terms.
Payment of the weekly rate will
be charged for any extended leave due to illness or maternity leave, etc.


A position at Tikiland Daycare will be considered open until the registration and deposit are received.

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