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About Us

Tiki-Land was born out of the realization that there was a severe need for daycare, and more importantly, BETTER daycare.


Blach blach blah... other daycares suck...blah blah,... do bad things. meh yah blach... interested in money more than kids.... hide records... do bad things...outdated


And so we set forth to bring daycare into the 21st century.

From building a place that is captivating to all and plays on a theam that naturally provokes ones primal instinct to play, exsplore, and learn; to our staff of quilified and nurting teachers; our easy to access policy, rates, info, and online payment; and putting a majority of our profit back into the daycare with constant upgrades and additions.






was designed from the dream of a daycare that can be enjoyed by all ages. A place where we welcome parents can come enjoy the space with their children which also aids in making the child more comfortable and a comfortable child is a child that is ready to learn. With our preschool curriculum we teach things like motor skills, good manners, emotional management, and of course the love of learning. 

In out diverse and open jungle themed yard and play area kids are encouraged to take what they learn in the classroom and put it into practice and to be adventurous and ask questions. 


Our Goals

  • Provide a high quality early learning program and exceptional care

  • Support families in their role of bringing up children by having open and ongoing communication between parents and Tiki-Land’s staff

  • Engage children in activities that enhance all areas of their development

  • Encourage and support children’s natural curiosity to explore and question things and events around them

  • Give children opportunities to make choices and to form and express their own ideas and opinions

  • Focus on social and emotional learning as it helps develop and solidify necessary life-long skills

  • Create a peaceful classroom environment that provides the children with emotional comfort and stability and offers them opportunities to collaborate with others and to experience themselves as a valued member of the group

  • Give children opportunities to experience the satisfaction that comes from overcoming difficulties and making progress

  • Encourage children to revisit, reflect, and interpret their understanding of the world through play, art and dialogue

  • Work constructively with children’s ability and desire to take greater responsibility for themselves and help them make first steps towards independence










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